Patti Schom-Moffatt

Can we be authentic and in PR 5

I admit to being a woman of strong opinions, and not knowing much about a subject has never been reason to hold me back from having one. But when it comes to the topic of authenticity in social media, I don’t have a strong opinion because I see two valid sides of the argument. I would really like to hear your thoughts to help me shape my own. (more…)

Where the eyeballs are: advertising online

We recently launched a new campaign for a health client of ours. Following their rebranding and the creation of a new website driven by video content, establishing a presence in social media, production of a range of print collateral materials for in-office use, and an earned media campaign, we turned our attention to paid advertising. In keeping with the mantra that you build your brand with PR and support it with advertising, we looked around to determine the best way to spend six figures. (more…)